As global communication expands throughout the world, so does the need for a global language.

Meraki: A Creative Expression.
It was a weeklong celebration that witnessed students of classes VI-XII participating in a wide array of activities, namely, Spell bee, Show & Tell, Poetry Recitation, Soliloquy, Declamation, Debate and Peer teaching to celebrate magnificence of the English language.
Show and Tell activity was organized for the students of Class VI, with the aim of enhancing their speaking skills and boosting confidence. The students of class VII zealously participated in Spell Bee: Word Wizard. It was a fierce competition as the participants battled their way through intense qualifying rounds. Poetry Recitation saw enthusiastic participation from the students of Class VIII exhibiting their recitation skills with perfect rhythm and intonation. With an aim to promote the love for the English language and to provide students with a platform to showcase their oratory prowess, the activity ‘Declamation: Words Have Power’ was organised for the students of Class IX. The students of Class X participated with enthusiasm and spirit in the activity titled ‘Soliloquy: Oration at its Best '. Each student presented a soliloquy from the much loved Shakespearean plays like The tragedy of Julius Caesar; Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet, etc. Class XI students presented their arguments with passion and eloquence in Debate: Battle of Words on topics requiring in-depth research and creative thinking. Students of Class XII participated in Peer Teaching Activity, engaging in their own active learning and sharpening critical thinking skills.