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"Emotional well-being is just as important to us as breathing is!"

The school works with an aim to empower students to become self-reliant and capable of making informed decisions as they grow up. Its purpose is to observe, listen and engage with the students. The teachers are trained to provide academic support to students through:


The commitment towards the holistic growth made us prioritize the happiness quotient of children and Project I Care was launched with the intention of providing a support system to every student of Class VI. Each student of Class XI adopts a student of Class VI and acts as their mentors. This mentoring provides a two-way learning between mentors and mentee. I- Care has fostered a culture of trust, camaraderie, collaboration and commitment.


Another distinguishing feature of the school is the regular conduct of remedial classes. It provides extended support to students who face difficulties in learning what is being taught in regular classes. Each teacher takes two classes per week for each section that they teach. This genuine endeavour to reach out to each student strengthens the bond between the teacher and the learner.


We, at Ramjas ensure that each child reaches his full potential. To provide support and guidance, each teacher adopts and mentors students who need focused academic guidance and takes them under their personal care. The teacher develops a student's strength, offers advice and ensures overall well-being of the student.


Guidance and counselling are imperative for a student’s holistic development. The school counsellor understands the limitless concerns of students and parents and guides them. The counsellor also helps the students in their personal, emotional and social growth.


Grooming is a key factor in forming a positive impression and a healthy self-image. The school organizes grooming classes for the students annually. The importance of a correct body posture, positive body language, dressing sense and communication skills are imparted to the students. Stress is also laid on the health, hygiene, table manners and etiquettes. Special emphasis is laid on English speaking, polite conversational and behavioral skills.


Academic excellence and the pressure of getting good grades often make the students ignore the importance of orienting themselves towards a career path based on their true potential and aptitude. Career counselling helps the students choose a field that is in tune with their skills. The school regularly organizes career fair and workshops on career counselling to cater to the needs of class XI and XII. Counsellors from various organization guide the students about the scientifically developed aptitude tests and personality tests to help decide the best suited career advice.

Literacy Campaign

Carrying on the legacy of our founder, Shri Rai Kedarnathji, who wished to touch lives by spreading education, the school has taken up the cause of spreading literacy keeping with the objective, Each One, Teach One. In fact, ever since the National Literacy Mission gave this slogan, the school has actively joined hands with it in lighting the lamp of knowledge.

The school encourages each student of class IX to teach one illiterate person under the guidance of parents and teachers. After the teaching period, the wards give an exam conducted in the school on 17 January, the Founder’s Day. The ward who clears the exam and the respective teacher-student get the certificate as part of Delhi Schools Literacy Project.