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Adventure is an exciting and remarkable experience that involves uncertain outcomes and acceptable risks. Coupled with careful instruction and preparation, participation in such adventure activities inspires self-esteem, self-reliance, concern for others and care for the environment through responsible risk-taking and hand-on involvement. Social and environmental responsibility instills in students a sense of integrity that results in choices and actions that have a positive effect on society and the environment.

In adventure activities a student learns from experiences alone.

Learning through experience is an educational process based on action and reflection. Experiences are intentionally designed, presented, and reflected upon to instill values and promote skill mastery.

The following principles are therefore an integral part of our heritage and mission:

  1. Physical fitness: Building the physical and emotional stamina to meet challenges.

  2. Craftsmanship: Modelling quality and intention in one's actions.

  3. Self-reliance: Being resourceful, recognizing and applying personal strength.

  4. Compassion: Selflessly engaging in the welfare and dignity of others.

  5. Diversity: Embracing people's differences as source of learning and growth.

  6. Safety: Managing risk for physical and emotional safety in everything we do.

  7. Service: Acting selflessly to meet the needs of others and our environment.

  8. Courage: Taking risks to achieve goals and stand up for universal well-being.

  9. Environment Stewardship: Preserving our natural world for posterity. One find all these principles being concretized in the:

Trekking, Hiking and Rock Climbing
Scouts and Guides Programmes


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