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The School provides a structured programme built around the needs of the students. These include:
Regular assessment, planning, evaluation and review of students' needs, educational programme and progress, including co-ordination of services.
A teaching programme (supported by professional development for staff) that assists the students to take part in the school's normal curriculum
A physical and social environment that anticipates and caters for the students' needs.
Support in the classroom.
Access to assistance from specialists (for example, special educators) who can work with the students.
Parent involvement in decision-making.
Input from the student, especially regarding his or her social needs.
Avenues for resolving difficulties or complaints.
A well used audio-visual room with the latest aids eg. K-Yan projector, OHP etc enables us to go beyond the usual text book approach
Easy computer accessibility with a Broad band DSL connection , Smart Classes from Educomp.
An emphasis on the overall development of the child, which includes spiritual, moral, ethical, physical development
Promotion of adventure activities through trekking, jungle camps, rock climbing, and scout and guide camps.
Did You Know?

Learning is fun with all class rooms fitted with Smart Class Equipments.

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